Sales Funnel Stages Explained For Business Owners

If you are looking to implement Sales Funnel for your business then you need to understand these 3 main stages of a Sales Funnel.

Before we go into that let’s just revise:

What Is A Sales Funnel?

It is a stage by stage journey which your customers goes through till they buy your product or service.

Now that we are know what is a sales funnel, let us look at the..

3 Stages of A Sales Funnel:

  1. Top Of The Funnel (TOFU):

It’s one of the most important components of your sales funnel because that’s it’s where people are first introduced to your brand.

This can happen through any marketing channel such as Paid Ads, Google Search, Social Media Post, Blog content and so on.

Most of the time this kind of traffic to your website or social media account is in casual browsing mode.

If you want to make the most of this visit then offering them something for free in exchange for their email is one of the most effective ways to open up a 1-to-1 communication channel with them.

Top of The Funnel Example:

If you are an Architect then you can give away a free e-book or short video on the topic of “Home Decoration for New Home Owners”.

For people who have bought a new house and are visiting your site, this would be a very helpful piece of information. They will be more than happy to give their email ID in exchange for the free guide.

Stages Of Sales Funnel
  1. Middle Of The Funnel (MOFU):

The middle of your funnel is where you begin the process of carefully collecting valuable information.

In this stage, you are trying to build trust with your prospective customers who have agreed to join your email list in exchange for a giveaway.

It may also be where you start to convert that traffic into customers through a series of lower-cost products and services.

Some businesses offer a demo or trial of their product/service instead of a low cost product or service.

This part of your funnel is important because it’s what helps you learn the most about your audience, such as what type of products and services they are most interested in.

Middle of The Funnel Example

Let’s again go back to the example of an Architect who is giving away a free e-book about home decoration to new home owners.

Now as a business owner you would be keen on knowing how you can help your prospective customers to build trust with you.

So, say, you can offer a free 15 minute consultation call to only those who are in your email list and actively open the emails which you send them using email auto-responder software like Aweber (which is offering a free Email List Growth video course) or Mailchimp.

In this situation, those who sign-up for the free consultation call are your warm leads and most likely to buy from you.

It can provide you with the inside information needed to create in-demand
products, while making it easier to cross-sell or upsell to your customers
later on.

Your funnel’s middle segment is where you may also begin to soft sell. There are software out there in the market like Salesforce which will help you at this stage of sales funnel.

Keep in mind that the goal is to strengthen your relationship with your audience as you guide them to the final stage of your funnel; the bottom.

One of the easiest ways to create an impactful mid-funnel is by offering valuable tools and resources for free while combining those with paid offers.

  1. Bottom of The Funnel (BOFU) –

This is where the magic happens.

People who took it up are in the consideration mode are open to giving you a chance to showcase your best.

Bottom of The Funnel Example:

Remember the free consultation call offer which I mentioned in the previous section?

At the end of the free call, you can give them an irresistible offer of your product/service.

Depending on how well you’ve worked at connecting to your audience throughout the top and middle sections of your funnel, you should be getting sales at this stage when you make them the offer.

Besides, a well executed sales funnel is also effective at creating a strong tribe by the time they reach this step.

Win-win situation for you and your customers.

One thing to remember is that the number of people buying from you at this stage will less compared to the number of people at either Top or Middle of your funnel.

So don’t get disheartened.

You can go back to second stage of your funnel, review it to see where you can improve it and implement it.

Now that the sales funnel stages are laid out and explained, it is time to start implement them for your business.

Don’t delay or your competitor is already waiting to get your customers in their sales funnel.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and if you liked this post, subscribe to the blog & share this post.

Good luck.

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